Japan,Revealed through Tosa

Extensive collections and displays about the Tosa Domain and Kochi Prefecture, centering on some 67,000 historical materials and artworks handed down from the Yamauchi lords of Tosa, including National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. Most exhibits are originals, and all ages will enjoy learning about history through the experiential exhibits, videos and other media presentations. Various periodic exhibitions and seasonal programs will also be presented each year. Expect fresh, powerful experiences of Tosa history and culture on every visit.



  • 1.Information Ticket Sales

    Tickets on sale for the 3rd Floor exhibitions.
    Wheelchairs and stollers are available for use in the Museum.

  • 2.Museum Shop

    A wide array of Kochi souvenir items, including original Museum products that are available nowhere else.

  • 3.Kochi Prefecture Information Corner

    Learn about the historic cultural attractions in each part of Kochi Prefecture. View video clips, consult the event map, or search out information. Pamphlets are also available.

  • 4.Castle Town Corner

    See the stories and sights of the former castle town onscreen, and call up detailed information. Pick up a walking map, and take a stroll through the castle town.

  • 5.Hall

    Lectures, concerts and other events.

  • 6.Workshop

    Handicraft workshops and experiential classes.

  • 7.Japanese room

    Traditional cultural activities including tea ceremony and seasonal events.


  • 1.Cafe

    Offering snacks and drinks, as well as meals prepared from traditional local ingredients. The terrace has a gorgeous view of Kochi Castle.

  • 2.Reading Room

    Consult documents and databases about the Museum collections.


Huge panoramic view of Kochi Castle!

1. Kochi Castle Outlook Lobby

A gorgeous view of Kochi Castle and the Otemon Gate, and a staue of the castle builder Yamauchi Katsutoyo

Castle in the hand

Can Kochi Castle actually fit onto your hand?
How will you set up your souvenir photo?

  • 2.Hands-on

    Dress up in perfect replicas of samurai helmets and outer coat. Souvenir photos can be made.

  • 3.Introductory Exhibition

    The entrance room to the main exhibitions presents an overall chronology of Tosa history and pictorial maps on the Tosa Domain.

  • 4.General Exhibition 1 〈History of the Tosa Domain〉

    Covering the Sengoku and Edo Periods
    (Exhibits are periodically changed)

  • 5.General Exhibition 2〈Tosa at the End of the Shogunate〉

    Various aspects of Tosa around the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration of 1868 (Exhibits are periodically changed)

    “Aspiring Kochi at the End of the Shogunate” is the main exhibition (until about March 2019), with a series of special displays on the same theme.

  • 6.Special Exhibition

    Periodic exhibitions with seasonal or special historical themes.

  • 7.A/V Corner

    Facilities for searching and viewing images of Kochi history and of items in the Museum collections.

“Aspiring Kochi at the End of the Shogunate” is the main exhibition (until about March 2019), with a series of special displays on the same theme.

Rules for
  • ◎ Do not touch the exhibits or display cases.
  • ◎ Photos permitted only without flash, and without a tripod or other equipment.
  • ◎ No food or drink. No smoking.
  • ◎ Take notes only with a wooden pencil.
  • ◎ Use of ink pens or mechanical pencils is prohibited.
Audio Guide
  • Runs on many phones and tablets
  • Explains the key exhibits
  • Includes a quiz for kids, and a guide to Tosa-ben dialect
  • Tablets are available free of charge (3rd Floor Counter)

How to Visit the Museum

Opening Hours 9:00〜18:00 (Sunday:8:00~18:00)
※Entry until 17:30.
Closings Open every day during the “Aspiring Kochi at the End of the Shogunate” exhibition
(until about March 2019)
Entrance Fees
During special periodic and permanent exhibitions: ¥700 (¥560)
During only a permanent exhibition: ¥500 (¥400)
※Fees in parentheses are for a group of 20 or more
Annual Pass: ¥2,000
Kochi Castle Combination Ticket
¥900 during special periodic and permanent exhibitions
(During only a permanent exhibition:¥740) ※Admitted free of charge:

  • ※Admitted free of charge:
    • Children of high school age or younger • Persons with a certified disability
    • Persons with a certified sick or injury or hibakusha, together with one caregiver.
    • Persons with a golden ager certified by Kochi prefecture or city
  • ※Please visit the Museum website for the schedule of periodic exhibitions and entrance fees.
By Car:
15 minutes from the Kochi Expressway Kochi Interchange.
From JR Kochi Station:
Tosaden Kotsu tram bound for Harimayabashi, to the Harimayabashi stop (5 minutes). Then change to a tram bound for Kagamigawabashi, Asakura or Ino, and get off at the Kochijomae stop (5 minutes). Then 3 minutes on foot.
From Kochi Airport:
On the shuttle bus to the city bound for JR Kochi Station, get off at Harimaya- bashi. On the shuttle bus bound for Kenchomae, get off at Kenchomae.
Automobile Parking
Park at one of the nearby commercial parking lots. The Museum has no parking for visitors, except two spaces for persons with disabilities.
Bus Stopping Area
Tour buses leave the bus stopping area immediately after the passengers disembark, and park away from the Museum. Park at one of the nearby commercial parking lots including the Kochi Koen Parking.

※On Sundays, Sunday Market is held and no vehicles can load and unload from the north side.


Services and Barrier-Free Access

Audio guides explaining the key exhibits will run on many phones and tablets. (English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese) Tablets may be borrowed at the 3rd Floor Counter. ※A deposit of ¥1000 yen is required, and refunded when the tablet is returned. (Earphones provided free of charge)

Assistance Dog

Assistance dogs for the disabled are welcome in the Museum.

Wheelchairs, Strollers, Walkers

Mobility aids including wheelchairs, strollers, canes and walkers may be used in the Museum, and may be borrowed, free of charge, at 1st Floor Reception.

Writing Tablets

Available at 1st Floor Reception.

Special Toilets

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors. An ostomate toilet is on the 2nd floor. Diaper changing stations are in restrooms on the 1st and 3rd floors.

Medical Aid & Nursing Room

Located on the 3rd Floor. Please contact any staff member for assistance.

Coin Lockers

100 yen, refunded when key is inserted. Next to the elevator on the 1st Floor.

For more meaningful and enjoyable museum experiences!

In addition to exhibits, lectures and special events are presented throughout the year to encourage greater public appreciation, awareness and enjoyment of the history and culture of Kochi and Japan.

  • Museum Lectures

    Lectures by curators and other professionals on history, arts and crafts, preservation and restoration. Topics may range widely beyond the Museum displays and collections.

  • Workshops for Children

    “Excitement searches” in and around the Castle, summer craft workshops, and many other fun learning activities.

  • Culture Lectures for Non-Japanese

    Lectures and workshops on traditional Japanese culture, tailored to the foreign visitor.

  • Special Events

    Seasonal and traditional events, walking tours of historic sites, and presentations about ongoing Tosa traditions in Kochi Prefecture.

Museum Missions
  • Storage and preservation of Yamauchi family legacies and local historical materials
  • Research in premodern and modern Japanese history
  • Dissemination of information on exhibitions, etc.
  • Education of schoolchildren and adults
  • Support for historic and cultural industries and tourism